Review - Richard Herring's "Christ on a Bike"

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I'm not saying I'm a better blogger than Richard Herring. That's for other people to say...

- Terence Eden

Is Richard Herring the son of a god he doesn't believe in? He may not be the Messiah, but he is a very funny boy.

For this long time apathist, none of His arguments were very new - the Bible is inconsistent, God is petty, etc. - but the sheer enthusiasm and obvious joy He brings drew huge laughs from the audience.

The show is unremittingly funny - weaving skilfully between observational comedy and pure scatological filth. Something for everyone, then.

The only weak point, I felt, was the ending. I'm not sure whether He lost the courage of His convictions, or it was the abrupt change of pace. As it was, it was merely hilarious, rather than being side-splitting.


If you get a chance this week - do go and see the show in London. If you live in the wilderness, he's taking the show around the country.

I'm not saying I'm a better comedian than Richard Herring. That's for other people to say...

- Terence Eden

If I were a superior comedian, this is what I'd change about Herring's obviously rubbish show.

Bollocks. He's a professional funny man and I fiddle with phones for a living. Go see his show.

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