Restaurant Review: Le Bel Canto

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For our third wedding anniversary, Liz and I went to an amazing restaurant - Le Bel Canto (warning: Flash site with auto-playing music).

The waiting staff are all professional opera singers - they serve the food and they sing to you. And, wow they can sing. Take a listen to this AudioBoo.

The highlight of the evening was the communal sing-a-long - The Drinking Song from La Traviata. Thoughtfully, it included a complimentary glass of prosecco. Here's a recording of the outstanding opera singers - and our less tuneful caterwauling.

The atmosphere is incredible - and highly romantic. The music is joyful and intimate. There's nothing quite like hearing a opera singer who is stood at your table. So what about the food?

The food was well prepared. There were a range of vegetarian starters - I took the carrot and pumpkin soup which was slightly under seasoned for my tastes. For the main course, vegetarians are relegated to the ubiquitous mushroom risotto. However, it was so well flavoured that, for once, I didn't mind. The tiramisu with blackcurrant coulis was the perfect end to the meal. The menu can be viewed here.

Total cost was £113 for the two of us. That included 3 course meal, two side dishes, a glass of champagne each, half a bottle of wine, and a 12.5% tip. Food was half-price thanks to the Taste Card.

Overall, possibly the most romantic restaurant I've been to in London. The food and wine were divine and reasonably priced - although another vegetarian option wouldn't have gone amiss. The quality of the singers was superb.

Take that special someone on a date there - you won't regret it.

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