Basically this is what we had for a decade with Windows Mobile (formerly known under other names – such as Pocket PC), yet most of you got duped by sugar-talk about how nice are those new smart devices and the sugar-talk – where did it come from, remember? In the end it was not about better user interface, or better (for non-penetrating eyesight) quality, but about two other things – teaching the people to use a pocket computer and making bucks on regular basis from it. With the Cerberus – Microsoft it was impossible to create a fully irresponsible marketing scheme working for the operator and the use-and-throw-buy-new manufacturers. Now, Apple, they did it to themselves entirely on their own – created the fashion and opened the door for the next player who had no other winning move except the one that kills everybody including themselves in the process. We are still in the middle of the film, looking for the fish, but we are making big strides toward the middle life crisis where the smart devices are going to become even more powerful and even less useful, while we have fun with them and never notice the degradation. Yeah you like Android, like it all you want, but just put some thought into it – with MS you had an OS guarded as the actual identity of the product, with everything else you have the label on the box as most important trait of the product. Which would produce better results in the long run – manufacturers forced to cope with strict OS policy which they can manipulate only to some extent and the community can jeopardize their moves easily, or manufacturers and operators given a free reign to decide what the consumer needs? Close to the consumer, close to the quick buck I’d say and if you can’t see it now, you have a pocket computer only recently – I had one with me for decades, testing everything new but still using the last WinMo device as the last trusted tool I found.