Which eBooks Should I Read On Holiday?

I'm an utter bookworm - on holiday, I like nothing better than to lie by the pool reading a good book. I generally average a book a day.

eBooks on the beach

Me reading a Kindle on the beach....

Last year, I took a mixture of eBooks and physical books away with me. This year, I'm only taking eBooks.

That's where I need your help, gentle reader. Which books should I take? Which books do you recommend for a beach read?


  1. eBooks only. Liz & I have a Kindle and an Elonex 511EB - happy to have eBooks in any format (epub, mobi, txt) and convert them. Would prefer to avoid PDF.
  2. I like a wide range of books - although I lean towards Sci-Fi. Here's what I read last year.
  3. No Dan Brown.
  4. Nothing that will make me angry. As much as I want to read the latest Heather Brookes book about how disfunctional British justice is, I'm on holiday to relax. I'm relying on the sun to make my blood boil - not my choice of book.
  5. I've started to get rid of all my paper books - but you can see a list of everything I have read on Anobii.com.

    Over To You

    So, what are your top picks for holiday book? Let me know in the comment box bellow.

    6 thoughts on “Which eBooks Should I Read On Holiday?

    1. I assume you know about them already, but if not Charles Stross has a few of his books (including the wonderful Accelerando) as free, freely-distributable ebooks on his site ( http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/fiction/online-fiction-by-charles-stro.html )
      I don't know if you've read Harry Potter And The Methods Of Rationality, but an ebook version of that (up to where it's got to) is available and truly stunning - far better than the actual Rowling books. http://ikeran.org/rationality.epub http://ikeran.org/rationality.mobi

      1. Ah yes, Accelerando made my brain bleed - in a good way. Too few of Stross' recent books are available as ebooks. I read Halting State after he recommend it to me after an ORG event.

        As big HP fans (we have the books in Latin & Mandarin) I'd be interested to read the fan-fic versions. As long as they're not too disrespectful 🙂

        Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. Peter Ibbotson says:

      I rather enjoyed:
      World War Z by Max Brooks
      Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway
      Also the Per Wahloo detective books and the slightly silly zodiac series by Vicki Pettersson.
      Finally if you haven't read the stieg larsson books yet I can recommend them highly BUT books two & three are really one book split into two.

      1. Interesting suggestions. WWZ is on my reading list. I'd always assumed that the Stieg Larsson books were Dan Brown-esque - but you're the second person to mention how good they are.

        As for Gone-Away World - anything post-apocalyptic gets my vote!



    3. James Heaver says:

      I was logging on to suggest HP and the Methods of Rationality myself.

      No idea whats available as epub, but I would suggest

      Jeff Noon:
      Automated Alice

      Ken Macleod:
      Star fraction

      Michael Marshall Smith:
      or if you like short stories then 'What you Make it'

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