Mobile Badvertising: Groupon

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I'm a big fan of Groupon - the money saving site - that's why I'm so disappointed with their latest campaign.

A nice simple set of banners.Groupon Advert
Groupon Advert

Let's gloss over the missing apostrophe in this one though...
Groupon Advert
Which leads to the Groupon mobile friendly site.
Groupon Mobile Friends Site
Well formatted mobile site. Free text field for an email address and a drop down list of cities they support.

There's no notion of what they'll do with the email address - which is very naughty - but the worst is yet to come.

After filling in the form and clicking "Discover Deals" this is what the customer gets.
Groupon Full Website

*sigh* So depressing. Why do this?

If you don't have a mobile friendly site, don't run a mobile advertising campaign.

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