The Best Phone for Blogging?

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This has been a really tough NaBloPoMo for me. Work has been frantic - meaning that my lunchtime blogging has been restricted to a quick bit of copy editing. I've also had some wonderful new toys to play with - which has distracted my attention.

But the biggest problem? My Android phone. Don't get me wrong, I love Android - but for typing, it's nowhere nearly as good as my BlackBerry was. I spend a lot of my time on trains, so I'm used to being able to bash out a fairly lengthy post or email. That's just not possible on my Nexus One.

Android Onscreen Keyboard
There are three major problems with the Android's onscreen keyboard.

  • It takes up so much room, you can only see two lines of text. Annoying if you're writing a long document.
  • The accuracy is very hit and miss. It's no worse than other onscreen keyboards - but it's just not as good as a physical keyboard.
  • The auto-correct feature is pretty good - but I miss the BlackBerry's integrated spell cheque.

The general consensus on Twitter seems to be that the HTC Desire Z is the best Android phone touting a real keyboard.
HTC Desire Z
I've yet to try it - but the keys look similar to the awful N97 "dead flesh" keyboard.

The Motorola Milestone has a better looking keyboard and is a similar price.

I could type around 60WPM on a BlackBerry keyboard - so whichever phone I get needs to be at least as good as RIM's offering.

With that in mind, I'm also considering going back to BlackBerry - the new Torch 9800 looks incredible.

BlackBerry Torch

I've been playing on the most recent BlackBerry emulator (something more companies should provide) and it really could be the phone for me. Touchscreen for quick use, keyboard for long messages, I know the email and calendaring options are better than Android. But will I find OS6 too restrictive after the freedom of Android?

There's also Windows Phone 7 to consider. I really like what I've seen of WP7 - but there aren't any phone with keyboards available in the UK. Both the Dell Venue Pro and the LG Optimus 7Q may make it over here - but there are no timelines.

Finally, there's the BlueTooth keyboard accessory. Amazon have Mini Bluetooth Keyboards from £15 - although some of the high end ones go for ten times that.

It would mean carrying yet another gadget - to go with the phone, solar charger, video glasses, Kindle and whatever else I have on my person - but could it bridge the gap? I find that I can't type for very long on a laptop keyboard. The only device I'm comfortable typing on with all 10 fingers is a Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic (although I'd love to give a Maltron a try even if they are a bit pricey though). Would a BlueTooth keyboard be as easy to type on?

So, which phone would you go for if you needed to do extended bouts of typing or blogging?

One thought on “The Best Phone for Blogging?

  1. Ali Smith says:

    Have you tried the alternative keyboards available for Android? They're as good a physical keyboard but they help a bit when typing.

    I've heard good things about Swype, SwiftKey and 8pen.

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