Three Long Years of Blogging

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It looks like I’ve missed an anniversary! I’ve been blogging continuously for three years. I’ve also recently turned thirty-one – and it’s got me thinking about the digital trail that I leave across the Internet. I started blogging nine years ago – but they were private blogs. Love letters to the woman who would eventually…

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HTC Wildfire (Sponsored Post)

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(eBuzzing have sponsored this post. Please let me know what you think about sponsored articles on this blog.) Android phones are now big business – even Woz seems to think they’ll take over the world. Into the crowded arena steps the HTC Wildfire. I’m a huge fan of the HTC hardware – but I often…

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Floatworks – Flotation Tank Review

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Like many people, my sole experience of floatation tanks is from the Simpsons episode “Make Room for Lisa”. I was looking for something unusual to do on my birthday when I received an offer from Groupon for a £14 session at Floatworks – a short walk from my office. How bad could it be? I…

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Practical Uses for QR Codes

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There seems to be a lot of talk at the moment about how marketing can make use of QR codes. I wanted to highlight a few ways in which 2D codes can be used for slightly more practical usage. There’s nothing wrong with selling more cheese – but I think that only scratches the surface…

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QR Tetris

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Designer Ming Ling has created the most wonderful QR code constructed out of Tetris pieces. The full size version is a work of beauty. As I’ve explained before, this works because the QR scanner sees the image in black and white – so light colours disappear. Anything else is covered by the fairly generous error…

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MobileMonday London – mHealth

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Here’s the captured video from MobileMonday’s Trends in mHealth panel. Presented in glorious HTML5 and hosted on Part 1 Download ()Subscribe: Android Google Podcasts RSS

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The Design Of Everyday Hotel Rooms

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One of the most influential books I have ever read is Donald Norman’s “The Design of Everyday Things“. In the book, Norman rails against the usability flaws which seek to undermine our comfort and sanity. Everything from lightswitches which never seem to have a consistent state, to to alarm clocks with impossible to figure out…

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Mobile Badvertising – British Gas and Inclusive Minutes

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British Gas has announced its latest price rise to near universal dismay. So it seams a little odd that they’re running a campaign based around how much you could save if you switch to them. Still, what concerns me in this Mobile Badvertising series is not the content, but the execution and usability. Let’s see…

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HOWTO: Preserving BarCamps

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Oh! Woe is me! I can’t make BarCampLondon 8. This will be the first BarCamp I’ve not been able to get to in ages. Following hashtags is fun, if a little disjointed. What I really need is some way I could attend virtually….. @barcamplondon idea for you: film all sessions & stick them on…

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Video Sunglasses – Further Details

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A few updates on the Video Recording Sunglasses I blogged about earlier in the week. I stuck in an 8GB microSD card and let the glasses record indefinitely. I was curious what would happen when the size of the video went over the 4GB limit imposed by FAT32 – and what happened when the memory…

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