I myself look forward to getting involved with QR codes starting next year and will have a site qrcodemobi.com(nothing but cpa offers right now). The comments here are most appreciated and I am concentrating my efforts more on how to make the awareness of QR codes excepted more into the mainstream.

For now I was going to jump all over MS Tags but glad I’ve read these comments, I guess the jury is still out. So I will be cautious and use the industry standard also, I would hate to have success only to have MS step in like a Google Slap or sandbox.

Heck they have the insane budget why don’t invest more in bringing about more awareness (TV commercials) Guess if they did, then would start applying some type of monthly fee )-; or?

Seems obvious that if a major recording artist promoted his/her next Cd using these codes it would create a frenzy. In other words one could received tickets to a concert. Only after scanning a code and apply or receive a discount via a secret # embedded within the code. And the number is constantly changing or encrypted somehow as each consumer scans.

Or answers a question. And make it time sensitive… these are only ideas so don’t cut me in half yet.

Maybe have the code posted on stage behind the band, and have a code for contributions to a worthy cause, where one would receive a limited number of killer t-shirt or iPhone/Android app. Of course the artist would have to be compensated to participate or really be aware that they could be the ones who initiated this movement.

I lived in Japan 5yrs and it’s amazing how it’s a no-brainer and qr-codes are widely used for numerous reasons. Japan has some how practically turned them into a way of life and the Japanese appreciate the convenience these codes provide.

Sadly I left Japan and didn’t realize how one day these codes might hit the USA & Europe or I would of researched more. Hope to return soon and find out how & why, it’s hard to research without actually being there observing & researching. They are a very secretive bunch of know-it-alls this can’t be constructively researched via cpu’s, emails or phone calls.

Per a earlier comment from qr1337. I think Patrick is on to something with those animated codes, that in itself I believe would attract more users or create a more eye catching experience and desire to start scanning.

If I were a lottery winner, I’d invest and in a years time be sitting with Bill Gates and hob-nobben with the likes of Goggle/Facebook.

Kudos to everyone here… it’s good to see there are some true QR professionals painlessly working to bring this platform to the masses. It will one day become mainstream and you pioneers will definitely reap the benefits and revenue when the market explodes.

All the Best

QR code newbie