I'm Proud Of Mitch Benn

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Last NaBloPoMo, I wrote up my review of a Mitch Benn gig I'd seen.

I know I’m not going to leave it ten years before I next see him.

Indeed, I didn't even leave it a full calendar year. Mitch is back and better than ever - he even has a new single out.

Mitch Benn's "I'm Proud of the BBC"

Buy the single for 79p at Amazon

It's rare for Brits to get passionate without being cynical. Watching Mitch Benn sing "Proud of the BBC" is a joyous experience - especially with a packed theatre screaming the hideously complicated lyrics at the top of their lungs back at him. I think it's the only time I've seen a "comedy singer/songerwriter" get a standing ovation.

The video for the single is quite beautiful as well.

There are still a few more date on his tour - it's a brilliant evening of laughs, music and some wicked satire.

Looking forward to seeing Mitch again in 2011!

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