HTC Wildfire (Sponsored Post)

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Android phones are now big business – even Woz seems to think they’ll take over the world.

Into the crowded arena steps the HTC Wildfire.

I’m a huge fan of the HTC hardware – but I often feel that they ignore the customer service side of things. For too long they were silent on when their firmware releases were coming out – leaving VillainROM and Cyanogen to pick up the slack.

Android phones have typically come in two flavours, hyper expensive devices like the Nexus One and cheap-as-chips devices like the LG Apex. (Seriously? US$80 for a phone… wow!)

The Wildfire sits comfortably between the two at a reasonable sub-£200 price to own the phone outright. I’m sure it’s free on contract.

Right – watch this video so that I can earn tuppence ha’penny from eBuzzing.

The specs are impressive for such a cheap phone. The Android version is the slightly outdated 2.1 – I’d have expected HTC to stick Android 2.2 (Froyo) on there – especially as 2.3 (Gingerbread) is launching imminently. Hopefully HTC won’t be so lackadaisical with its update process for this phone.

You can buy the HTC Wildfire from Amazon and all good phone retailers.

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One thought on “HTC Wildfire (Sponsored Post)

  1. Denny says:

    Hasn’t the Wildfire been out for ages? Presumably that’s why it has 2.1

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