Eastpak QR Campaign on the Tube

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Spotted all over the London Underground in the last few days, these QR enabled adverts from Eastpak for their I Am The Bag campaign.
Eastpak QR Campaign

Close Up of the QR Code

Close up of QR Code

YouTube Video

The code immediately directs the user to YouTube to watch a video.
Eastpak YouTube

Two Ways To Make The Campaign Better

  1. Use a smaller URL to create an easier to scan QR Code. Eastpak currently use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1fBMmR103Q – they could drop the www to make it slightly smaller, or use “m.” so people know they’re going to a mobile site. Even better, use YouTube’s URL shortner and send people to http://youtu.be/V1fBMmR103Q
  2. Ensure the content is suitable for mobile. YouTube makes its videos available – but doesn’t provide any extended functionality. For example, on the YouTube website, the user is presented with two clickable links.
    Eastpak YouTube Web
    On the mobile video, the choice is presented, but the “Yes” and “No” aren’t clickable.
    Eastpak YouTube Mobile
    It may well have been worth creating a video specifically for mobile.

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