QR Codes Going Mainstream? ASDA and Martina Cole

Two of the biggest "mass market" brands are using QR Codes in their advertising. ASDA - the UK arm of Walmart - and Martina Cole - one of the UK's best selling authors.

Here's the poster in situ
Martina Cole Poster with QR Code

Here's a close up of the code
QR Code
It's a reasonable physical size and the information density isn't particularly high - so well done on that front.
I'd place a bit more whitespace around the code - but it scanned easily enough on my phone.

The website itself is ok. Nothing stunning.
Family Secret Website
It's a great concept site - like Post Secret or GroupHug - but it really ought to be more mobile friendly.
The URL isn't specific to the code - it's just http://www.thefamilysecrets.co.uk/ - so they have no real way of knowing how many people scanned it.

Still - good to see QR codes becoming more prominent.

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