Mobile Badvertising: Sony Pictures - Easy A

Sometimes a mobile advert is just so bad that you wonder what drugs the people who commissioned were on.

Easy A is new film aimed squarely a the youth market.  Perfect fodder for mobile advertising.

Easy A Advert
Cute little advert, doesn't say what it will link to, but other than that, not bad.  So let's click through and see what happens.
Mobile YouTube
Sweet! YouTube has an excellent mobile optimised site.  The ability to share the video on Facebook and Twitter is sure to make this baby go viral. Right? Right?
Sorry, this video cannot be played on mobile

As the kids say, WTF?

Sony Pictures have deliberately disabled mobile playing for their video.  As far as I can tell, for all their videos.

All is not lost, though.  Helpfully, someone has been very naughty and illegally uploaded the video for us all to enjoy.
Various Uploads

Lessons Learned

  • Always test your advert - especially on the platforms for which they're intended.
  • If you're a major movie studio and you don't want your content pirated - make it easily available.

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