Hi Aaron,

I’ve recently attended an Apps For Good presentation and now have a better understanding of how the programme is structured.

From what I remember of the talk last year, there was no mention that the course was Android specific – it was presented as just a general app development course.

I’ve just listened to the audio of the talk to refresh my memory – at 30m 20s the presenter talks about how the people she talks to all use BlackBerry.

So, what I was trying to say is that “apps for good have clearly not done their research.”
I didn’t mean to imply that the app developers themselves had been lax and I’m sorry if I’ve upset you with my careless use of words.

Now that I understand the limitations that you were under, I can see why you went Android first. I’m also glad that you’re extending it to more platforms.

Good luck with your future endeavours – as someone who has been stopped and searched before, I certainly appreciate what you’re doing.