Mobile Badvertising: Tesco, Nokia, Guardian

Three failures and one giant lost opportunity

Failure 1 - Targeting

This version of the Tesco shopping app is only available on Nokia phones. Nothing wrong with that - Nokia are still the biggest phone seller on the planet. So why allow the advert to be shown to Android users?
Tesco's advert on The Guardian
It will annoy users, reduce your CPM, and make users less likely to click on adverts in future.

Failure 2 - Sizing

This is the full resolution on the advert.

Tesco's ad banner

(full resolution)

168*28 is barely enough to contain all the information you want to impart - let alone make it look attractive.
The Tesco logo is tiny and indistinct - the wording blurred and hard to read.

Failure 3 - Mobile Friendly

Here we come to the failure that we see so often. A lack of mobile friendly landing page.
Ovi isn't mobile friendly


Guardian needs to make sure its ad-server are only showing adverts relevant to the user viewing the site.
The ad-server needs to make sure its adverts are scaled correctly for different phones.
Tesco needs to ensure that its advertising agency is buying advertising space correctly.
Nokia needs a mobile friendly page for non-Nokia devices.

Lost Opportunity

Just think what Nokia could be doing with this landing page for non-Nokia phones.

  • Show off the amazing capabilities of the app.
  • Display screenshots of the app.
  • Tell the user which phones the app works on.
  • "Don't have a Nokia? Take a look at these awesome devices!"
  • "Here's a map to your nearest Nokia store..."
  • "Get £100 off any Nokia device when you trade in your Android phone!"

You know the crazy thing? They do most of these things already!

If you try to download Ovi Maps on a non-Nokia - you get this page?

Nokia really need to have a joined up strategy for how they deal with users who have competitors' devices. Both the Guardian and Tesco need to do some quality control on their adverts and ad servers.

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Badvertising: Tesco, Nokia, Guardian”

  1. says:

    Terence, I normally like your posts, but I am SHOCKED at your lack of research.

    Tesco have a grocery app for iPhone, its been out a good week or two.

    Read up next time please.

    1. Doug,

      I can only apologise for the pain and distress my post has caused you.

      I meant to say that "This version of the Tesco App is only available on Nokia". Now, in truth, I don't know what would have happened if I had clicked on that link with an iPhone. Tesco may well have redirected me to iTunes. However, I think that's unlikely.

      I've updated the post to reflect that.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. Scott says:

    Hi Terence
    Clicking on the link with an iPhone takes you to .... a website that highlights the iPhone and OVI apps with links to both stores.

    So still no mobile content


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