Get Paid For Searching?

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When the Web was young, and I was even younger, there existed a number of schemes which offered to pay you to surf. Usually this involved installing a permanent advert bar on your PC which tracked your usage and displayed adverts to you.

I knew a few people who got cheques from these services – most prominently, AllAdvantage. The schemes always had the faint whiff of a scam. The unrealistic targets, the easy to bypass monitoring software, the shady companies who popped up and then disappeared within the space of a few weeks.

The web, so it would seem, rejected being paid for being an advertiser’s target.


searchlotto logo
So, along comes SearchLotto, with a slightly different proposition. Get paid for Googleing! Not only that, get paid MILLIONS for Googleing.

The Headline

SearchLotto will buy you National Lottery tickets for doing searches through them! Become a millionaire just for switching search provider.

All searches are provided by Google – so you’re still getting the quality search results you know and love.

The Reality

Based on their FAQ.

  • Perform 25 searches per week, to get a ticket.
  • No more than 10 searches per day will count.
  • Your ticket enters you into a syndicate with 9 other people. So you’ll have to split your winnings 10 ways.
  • Max of two tickets per week.

The Analysis

If you did 10 “verified” searches every week day, you’d end up with 2 tickets for different syndicates. Net value to you £0.20p. That’s right, 50 searches will earn you 20 pence. So, about 0.4p for every search you do.

SearchLotto are probably relying on people “over searching”. That is, if you perform 100 searches a week through them, their cost is 0.2p per search.

Based on this, they can probably afford to stay in business. Participants are likely to switch to them as their permanent search provider in order to get the maximum of two tickets.

The Statistics

The jackpot for the Saturday Lotto draw usually ranges between £4 million and £8 million. Even at the lower end, sharing the £4m with 9 other people nets you a healthy £400,000.

But, of course, other people can hold winning tickets.

Let’s take a look at how much you could gain. Based on the 18/09/2010 draw.

Matching BallsOddsPrizeWinnersYour Share
31 : 55£10600,310£1
41 : 1,031£6030,958£6
51 : 55,490.33£1,593537£159.30
5 + Bonus1 : 2,330,365£97,81714£9,781.70
61 : 13,983,815£2,433,9433£81,131.43
Based on the assumption that only one of your tickets wins.

Because your syndicate shares the jackpot with all the other winning ticket holders, you would get £2.4m / 3 / 10.

So, £81k is certainly nothing to sneeze at – but it won’t make you a millionaire over night.


You’re not losing anything by switching to SearchLotto because the search results are returned by Google. You do have to give them your name, address, and date-of-birth (to ensure you’re legally able to buy tickets). You can get paid by PayPal or bank transfer. You can read their (fairly easy to digest) Privacy Policy.

I don’t think it’s a scam. The odds are so long that they may never have to pay out anything to anyone. I suspect that if they ever do get a jackpot ticket, they’ll plaster the UK with press releases bringing further legitimacy.

I’m game. I’ll give it a few weeks, see if I actually get any tickets and – hopefully – winnings.

The Disclaimer

All links to SearchLotto are affiliate links. If you sign up, I get credits towards a Lottery ticket.

Tickets Update

After completing 50 searches and referring 1 more user, I’ve got the following numbers for the Lotto draw on 2nd October.

2 7 9 11 12 32
9 18 20 21 32 33
2 17 25 26 30 47

I think this is the first time I’ve had a Lottery ticket in around 10 years. Strangely, I feel quite excited… But, I guess that’s why they call it the stupidity tax!

5 thoughts on “Get Paid For Searching?

  1. Robert says:

    Yep, I am also giving it a couple of weeks, see if i get a ticket from them.
    Can’t do much harm I guess


  2. Matt says:

    i got 3 numbers on mine a couple of weeks back. got £1 🙂 was only my 3rd week doing it to. pleased. i even emailed them prior to it and they seemed a nice friendly bunch. i use it as my main search engine now.

  3. Tom Morris says:

    Google? I’ve just signed up (hey, affiliate links are what the post was for, right?) and my searches are going through Yahoo! Oh well, I do plenty of searching to find sources for Wikipedia, so may as well try and win money. It’s like the good old days of those scammy “get paid to surf” sites like AllAdvantage, but actually slightly useful.

    1. Ah, yes, they’ve since changed to Yahoo.

  4. N G says:

    I started using SearchLotto around a month ago, and was surprised to get an email on my smartphone just as I got to the top of a peak in the lake district from Searchlotto.
    It was congratulating me on my win, so I look and my syndicate’s ticket matched 4 numbers which is worth £8.50 each.

    Was a nice surprise even if it is only £8.50 it is more reason for me to continue in future using SearchLotto as I know it is legit and costs me nothing at all

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