The Future Of Android ... And How To Stop It

I was honoured when David Wood asked me to present at his first "brown bag" lunch lecture at Accenture.
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Normally I would run through a presentation of this length at several different venues and thoroughly hone it before presenting at a high profile event. As you'll see from the slides and video, it's still a bit rough round the edges.

I based this talk on Jonathan Zittrain's excellent Future of the Internet - And How To Stop It. You can keep up to date with all of Zittrain's work on network neutrality on his blog.

The gist of this talk is that keeping Android open is key to its success. We must resist the "AOL-isation" of this platform. How customers, MNOs, manufacturers and Google can work together to help keep this ecosystem flourishing.

I'll be polishing the presentation - and my responses to the tough questions - over the coming months. In the meantime, here are the slides and a video of the event.

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Future of Android ... And How To Stop It! from Terence Eden

(Sorry for the volume levels - try turning your speakers up to 11)

All comments and criticism welcomed.

5 thoughts on “The Future Of Android ... And How To Stop It

  1. Interesting. Thanks.

    I was under the impression that Google retains more control over Android than is commonly perceived. A handset make that doesn't submit to Google's will gets frozen out of, or late access to, new features and is rendered uncompetitive.

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