Mobile Badvertising: Floors-2-Go Have Crappy SMS Spam

UPDATED 08 October 2010

How to unsubscribe

If you want to unsubscribe from this SMS spam, you have three options.

  1. Ring "Dill" on 0121 359 0234 - she works for Floors2Go and will be happy to remove you from the list.
  2. Floors2Go purchased your phone number from tmnmedia - who assured Floors2Go that you were desperately interested in getting SMS spam. Call them on 020 7936 6600. Or call Matt Love 020 7936 6520 - you can also email him on - Matt was responsible for the SMS "campaign" and is happy for you to email him if you want your number removed.
  3. But that's not all! tmnmedia purchased your number from Scientia Data Call them on 0207 940 9797. At the moment, I've got "Tess" from Scientia looking in to where they got my number from.
  4. 10/09/2010 - According to Tess, Scientia data purchased the number from Call Credit. You can call them on 0113 388 4300 - but they'll tell you to email for a "Subject Access Request Form". So, email - so, that's what I'm trying next.
  5. 08/10/2010 - According to Charlotte Spencer, Call Credit Group don't keep phone numbers on their database. Either Call Credit are lying or Scientia are. The investigation continues.

Remember - if you ring each of them, they'll soon see the value of SMS spam...

Hope that helps.

Original Article

If there's one thing I hate more than SMS spam - it's crap SMS spam.

SMS Spam from Floors2GoLet's count the errors in this atrocious attempt at mobile marketing.

  • Where is my nearest Floors-2-Go store?
  • What number should I call to find the nearest store?
  • WHY THE random capitalisation of SOME words?
  • Grammatical and spelling errors ("UKS" should be "UK's". "upto" should be "up to")
  • No return number - I can't opt-out nor text them for more information.
  • No mobile website.
  • IT'S SPAM! HORRIBLE NASTY EVIL SPAM.  The mobile is the only battery powered toy I caress against my face and take to bed with me.  It's personal and intimate.  If I haven't given you permission to invade my personal space - I'm not going to be best pleased with you.

Look - don't spam people.  But if you are going to - at least put some effort. This is a pathetic attempt at engaging the customer.

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28 thoughts on “Mobile Badvertising: Floors-2-Go Have Crappy SMS Spam”

  1. S B says:

    Ive just started being spammed with this same message, i recieved 2 already today.

    How do i stop them

  2. says:

    I got this message this afternoon!

    I wonder which company knows your, my & SB's mobile numbers...

  3. James says:

    This is madness.

    There is no way I can stop these messages.

    I keep getting them

  4. Alex says:

    Floors2go ignore my request to delete it.

    All they care about is sales. I've reported it to the Information Commissioner.

    Nobody deserves this.

  5. Alex says:

    Floors2go ignored my request to delete it.

    All they care about is sales. I’ve reported it to the Information Commissioner.

    Nobody deserves this.

  6. I've updated the post with the phone numbers you need to call if you want to get your number removed. I highly recommend calling each of them to make sure they get the message that SMS spam doesn't pay.

  7. rizlatattoo says:

    I've had this happen and called Matt....if you don't moan at him he's very happy to help. Seems like he's acted in the best interests...let's give the guy a break.

    Spam - before you ever leave your mobile number on any website, check the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The permission aspect is covered in there, regardless of whether you have signed up to the TPS or not.

    Mistakes in the text - This had nothign to do with Matt. "tmnmedia" just sell the data on and it's Floors2Go who has approved the wording of the SMS.

    No return number - again this is down to Floors2Go.

    So, I was nice to Matt and he gave me all this information, apologised profusely and thanked me for being patient and polite. I may have had the hump when I called him but certainly didn't afterwards.

    Just be careful in the future and don't give out your mobile number....simple as that 🙂

    1. Darren says:

      I have not given my phone number out to anyone so blaming people in this is not fair. It is companies looking for others ways to force adds on you.

      In my opinion dont just ring people go to floors to go shops on a specific date or days weekends prob best and load up your trolly go through the check out then say "opps I forgot my wallet" this might keep them busy restocking the items they thought they had sold and as you walk away just say "mind you thats for wasting my time with your spam texts"

      See if they like wasting their time.

  8. MArtin Sus says:

    Dear Martin,

    I hope you are well.

    Thank you for your telephone call on the 15.10.2010.

    I can confirm that your data was sourced from Swinton Insurance. Your data was captured as part of a transaction either online, in a branch or through a call-center, with permission for marketing use on 08/08/2008.

    I have now ensured your details have been removed from our database.

    Once again, many apologies for any trouble this has caused.

    Best Regards


  9. Roger says:

    This blog is a positive step. Lots of little people hitting the untouchables. We shall be like the nats in the West of Scotland, so small but so infuriating that you no longer want to go there.
    Keep phoning the numbers.

  10. Dave says:

    I contacted F2G and asked for my number to be removed. As suggested by Terence and F2G I also contacted Matt at TMN Media who assured me that my number will be removed immediately. As rizlatattoo says - he is very helpful. Let's see if anything happens now.

    BTW - the girl on the F2G switchboard gave an exasperated sigh - as if was fed up of receiving these calls 🙂

  11. Dave the Spammer says:

    Who is untouchable? If you give your phone number, postal address or any information to a third party (and by third party I mean any website you sign up to, any competition you enter etc etc) without reading the T&Cs then you are liable to get these sorts of messages!

    Makes me laugh the time and effort you've gone to write this blog post when in reality it would have taken 0.000001 seconds to delete the text message!

    Viva la revolution!

    Long live the SMS spam!

    1. Darren says:

      So Dave the spanner who can get his phone out his pocket open or unlock it and read it in 0.000001 of a second and then moans that others are wasting their time because he is so super fast.

      I suppose you can get insurance quote from people like swinton and not leave some form of contact details mind you I bet you not got a car so dont need insurance from swinton Mr Dave (superman) spanner

  12. ihatef2g says:

    Just received another spam text.

    At the end of it it does say text F2GSTOP to 60777 for it to stop.

    I hope it will stop now.

    I rang Dill” on 0121 359 0234 who promised to remove my number but I still got this text today.


  13. J says:

    They have a system so when you drive past a floors to go they pick up your mobile and send you a txt! I know because I have never ever had a txt from floors to go and to day I drove past floors2 go and I got the same txt! They clearly have some mobile detector.

  14. Si says:

    Today I got a spam txt from this company. It did include details of how to opt out of their spam. Sent txt msg to opt out. I HATE txt spam.

    This is their txt msg:

    From: FLOORS2GO

  15. Alanh says:

    And me! With the message that I have to send them a text to stop their texts to me! What a shower. Shall have much joy in speaking to them as soon as I've calmed down. Happy to invite loads and loads of them to come and lay floors in my cattle shed but wonder if I can be bothered!

  16. Martyn Grimes says:

    Send F2GSTOP to 60777. This is the latest info they give at the end of their annoying silly spam text sms messages! I've just used it 01/11/2010 0600 ish - so don't know 100% if it's worked yet - but I bloody hope so.

    1. michelle says:

      I have been having these spam SMS for a while. finally sent F2GStop to 60777 and they charged me 9p for the privlege. My advice phone them and ask them to remove you.

  17. mary beth says:

    All very well saying just delete the texts.. but when your on holiday and paying through the nose for every one of the little f***s it's more than a bit annoying. or when you low on batteries etc

    it's just no on!

    I to am very careful about who i give my number out to, and will be going on the trail as soon as i can after chrismas.

    NEVER buy anything from telesales, txt or email spam, it only encourages them, and if they can afford, and think its ethical to use such means to advertise then there not the sort f company i want to buy from anyway

    1. kieron says:

      HI Mary,

      You do not pay to receive text messages whilst abroad, only sending them.

      Hope that makes you feel a bit better.


  18. Frazer says:

    Wanna get rid of this evil spam quickly ? Call Matt Love (number is on this page). He's a nice guy and he'll do it for you in a jiffy.

  19. Kat says:

    Floors2go are clearly still at it, as I've just had to contact Orange to get their number blocked (an adventure in itself), having been ignored when trying to make them stop directly with floors2go, by phone and text.

    We'll see if it works in time I guess.

    What frustrates me is that I have to go to all this effort to cancel something that I never agreed to in the first place. My time is precious and expensive and someone would have to pay me generously to write a letter for them, or to make phone calls. I resent being forced to do it under these circumstances, and feel spammers like this should be forced to reimburse us for our wasted time.

    The sooner text spam is made illegal and these offensive companies can be heavily fined, the better. Letter to an MP anyone?

  20. shaun says:

    people its a text message, get over it. i honestly cant believe people are getting worked up over it. just read it, then delete it. jesus christ!


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