What exactly did you mean by it doesn’t sound too different to most other religions?

How many other “religions” have Criminal convictions against them all over the world like Scientology?
How many have a price list for courses and charge over £100,000 for you to be enlightened?
How many force their members to have abortions?
How many have been responsible for the biggest infiltration of the US government in history, stealing documents and taping phones?
How many hire private investigators to follow and harrass anyone who speaks out against them?
How many were started by a lying criminally convicted conman and bigamist?
How many hide their scriptures and only reveal their true befiefs when you pay hundreds of thousands.
How many think AIDS is a state of mind, cancer can be cured by councelling and Autism doesn’t exist?
How many have courses that teach you how to lie effectively?
How many force you to disconnect from family members if you have the “wrong thoughts”?
How many have prison camps for their own members?

Answer? Scientology of course!

Maybe you should actually do some research into this cult before you make such statements!