Well, let me tell you that from a developer's standpoint, this phone is a gigantic fail. You cannot even get to the mailing address of a Contact record, which renders the phone useless for programmatically choosing and entering a shipping address from your Contact list.

There is no developer access to events on the phone like Incoming Call. There are no background tasks. There is no Copy/Paste.

This is a Soviet phone, promising much but when you try to write a program to actually accomplish the most rudimentary tasks possible on other phones, you will fail. The most you can write are games and simple web information retrieval programs in C#.

E-Commerce is out, music and video are out, browsers are out, TV is out, native code is out, anything complex and useful is out. This phone will suck, because no 3d party ISV will be able to leverage it for anything.

So, enjoy your animated cats and beer fart programs. Enjoy your craptastic scrolling-required user interface.

Android, baby. That's the future.