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I've been playing around with Android. It's a great platform for development. I really appreciated the speed to release of the Android Market - it's instant. Having worked with iPhone and Ovi stores where approval can take days or even weeks, it's great to have the freedom to publish immediately.

The first app I've created is "Advanced Test Card". You can download it by scanning in this QR code.

Scan to download Advanced Test Card for Android
Scan to download Advanced Test Card for Android

At the moment, it just has 5 modes. Red, Green, Blue, White and SMPTE colour bars. All are useful for checking out any problems you may have with your screen.

I'll be developing more test cards in the future - leave a comment if there's one you would like to see.

One thought on “Android App - Advanced Test Card

  1. Thank for. Its a great app. If you plan to add more test cards, you should add a gray scale. Keep up the good work

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