Exactly - I don't want my voice wasted; I want it to count. How can a party govern without a popular mandate unless they work with other parties?

Theoretically, imagine if Labour got 40% of the vote in every seat, with the rest split evenly between the Tories and the LibDems. Would you really argue that was a sound basis for governing? 60% of the country being represented by someone they voted against?

You know what - I'm not afraid of the Tories. Yes, I'm sure they'll do some stuff I disagree with and some stuff I'll hate. Guess what - so will the Labour Party and LibDem. Equally, I'm sure that they've got one or two good ideas somewhere. That's why coalitions are good. It prevents the excessive madness of a legislative program dictated by an "unbeatable" government.

Labour can't win in Woking. I truly wish you the best of luck, but unless Woking has the most incredible swing ever seen - it won't happen. Given the swing to the LibDems (nationally), they are the best bet in keeping the Tories out.

Don't you see the futility of this? I want to vote for you! But the voting system Labour has been propping up for the last 13 years means I have to vote against my wishes.

Thanks for the comments - and good luck with your campaign.