As the bossy one in the labour household in which Terry grew up I totally respect his decision to follow his conscience and vote for the party that most matches his convictions. Living in such a Conservative strong hold as Woking means that it is neither brave nor foolish to vote Liberal. What concerns me most are marginal Labour/Tory seats where the anti Tory vote is now going to be even more fractured thus ensuring a Tory landslide as in 1979 when the SDP (a vacillator by any other name) helped Thatcher to victory. The problem is that Tory’s don’t change their spots whilst we real liberals, in the true sense of the word, have crises of conscience. I am so saddened by the current government’s Trident and nuclear energy policies but want to fight from within. I still believe that the only way to a true Socialist society is via the Labour Party. However I can see that tactical voting is the only way to stop Cameron and his cronies destroying our rights such as the minimum wage. To see how the split vote works look at the results of the London Mayoral Elections which resulted Boris raising public transport fares whilst the hooray henries have been spared congestion charges in the heartland of Kensington and Chelsea. I shall vote Labour in Holborn and campaign in Barking where it is vital to stop the BNP; wouldn’t it be awful if the anti-government vote resulted in Griffin slipping through as victors? Be careful what you wish for ....... (A proud mum)