Plot Holes in The Eleventh Hour

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I'm a shameless Doctor Who geek.  I loved the first episode of the new series.  But I wanted to point out a (minor?) plot hole in the episode.

Slight spoilers here, so wait until you've seen the show.

Towards the end, the Doctor is having a stand off with the Atari.  He's discussing the planet Earth and asks...

Is this world protected?

The Atari play a montage of various baddies the Doctor has seen off including the Silurians / Sea Devils!) - but take a look at these three images.



Everyone loves the Ood, right? But I don't remember them attacking Earth?  I suppose you could make the case that the Doctor saved the Earth when he stopped all the Ood going mad but a) we never saw what was happening on Earth and b) that was relative future to the episode and there's no indication the Atari can time travel.



The Hath are a different kettle of fish.  There is no indication that they were ever even on Earth, let alone a threat to it.  So what are they doing in the montage?



Finally, I'm pretty sure that's the Vashta_Nerada - they exist on all worlds, sure, but they were only ever defeated in The Library.

That is literally the only thing I could find to complain about in the episode.  I thought the new titles were fab, loved the new assistant and think that Matt Smith - a fellow UEA alumnus - is outstanding.

Here's to the fifth 33rd season of Doctor Who!

One thought on “Plot Holes in The Eleventh Hour

  1. Alastair says:

    The purpose of the montage is to demonstrate two things. Firstly that the Doctor takes a keen interest in defending Earth. Secondly that the Doctor is not to be messed with. Other parts of the montage demonstrated the Doctor defending Earth. These extra-terrestrial victories that you refer to can be seen as speaking to the Doctor's general potency.

    So I don't think this is a plot hole at all.

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