Wanted: TARDIS

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Many years ago, when I was very young and you were even younger, I bought a TARDIS. Sadly, it turned out to be made of cardboard and only suitable for storing DVDs. No flying through time for me 🙁 Also, it turns out that it wasn't bigger on the insider than on the outside.  Meaning,…

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Elections In A Digital Age - blogging, tweeting and buzzing to the polls

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Weeks before Britons go to the polls, there's still no comprehensive list of candidates. Four citizens' initiatives have joined forces to tackle the problem. They've been gathering basic information about thousands of candidates and making the data public. "It may seem surprising but there simply is no single listing for all prospective parliamentary candidates. We…

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Pair & Go Wii Fit Battery Pack - Rubbish!

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I want to tell you a story about really appalling industrial design.  This isn't about a nuclear reactor melting down due to covered switches, or even lethal doses of radiation - but of a much more sinister threat.... Pair and Go's battery pack for the Wii Fit! Take a look at their promotional image -…

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