Twitter's new OAuth Problem

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Twitter have announced that all third party site will have to use OAuth.  You will no longer be able to just type in your username and password to get access to Twitter via your favourite web client. Usually, I would be a big fan of this move – especially if it forces password anti-pattern sites…

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EU 112 Day Widget

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Today is the European 112 Day! Because the date is 11/2 – just like the number – see! 112 is the European wide emergency services number. Wherever you are in the EU, dialling 112 will get you through to the local emergency services. In fact, most GSM networks outside of the EU will also route…

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Twitter OAuth – Mobile Failures

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I’m a big fan of OAuth – despite some claims to the contrary. It’s an excellent way of teaching people not to stick their username and password into any old site which asks for it. Which is why I’m so incredibly disappointed in Twitter’s implementation of mobile OAuth. For a service which started out operating…

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What Super Bowl Sunday Means To Me

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This could be the most important email I ever sent… Subject: Come One! Come All! Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:27:51 -0000 Yes, this Sunday our charming colonial cousins will be playing the American Football Superbowl!!!!!!! If you’re anything like me you can contain your excitement at the thought of watching a bunch of Yanks…

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Holiday Book Reviews

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I’m a manic book reader. When I’m on holiday, I like to try and read a book a day. So, my recent two weeks off was the perfect time to indulge. Here, for those of you that care, are what I read and what I thought. In no particular order… Shades of Grey – Jasper…

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