I thought you were joking when you were talking about how this post is nerdy and then I read the date of your post and then verified you still had a blog and in conclusion, this is still bothering me in 2018, so I’m really glad I’m not the only. Not as a coder, but as a bilingual individual pushing for bilingual social media in New Mexico, I’d say this is way more important than it seems. We particularly are trying to reach Spanish speakers, those people who politically can sometimes seem elbowed out of the equation, but we are a clinic that really needs to reach them. So, then, I figure the rest of the Spanish speaking world would have done something about this, yet, alas, they can’t seem to unify since Spanish is so idiomatic full of dialectical discrepancies. So, AT LEAST, it would be cool to think using accents in common words would be able to happen. And yet, I’m #posting #pósting double posting tags and I feel stupid. Did you ever get around to finding more info on this or did we decide #MeToo is the only relevant hashtag for the next five years?