Carnival of the Mobilists #212

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Well, we’re post Mobile World Congress, so let’s see what’s caught the eye of the web’s best mobile bloggers. Here’s Carnival of the Mobilists #212!

The 25 Biggest Companies in Mobile. The inimitable Tommi Ahonen pores over the statistics and shows the size of companies according to the money they make in mobile – and only mobile. I may query the use of USD rather than € in the calculations, but the data are still highly interesting.  This is my post of the week!

Mob4Hire launches. There are thousands of handsets on hundreds of networks, how can you be sure your site or app will work on them? If you don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds building a library of devices and SIM cards, it’s worth looking at a service like this to get a wide range of test cases.

Mobile Wins Gold at Winter Olympics. With more people accessing the mobile web than ever before, MobiThinking takes a look at the explosion in mobile data use around the Olympics. Let’s hope that London’s networks are up to scratch for 2012!

What now for .mobi? With the slightly shocking news that .mobi has been sold to Affilias, what does this mean for the .mobi brand. I’ve a vested interest in this one, as I run a .mobi domain. Will mobile sites migrate to m. a la facebook and twitter? Can .mobi regain the initiative. Important questions.

Free White Paper on Mobile VoIP. This is a detailed look into the prospects of mobile VoIP in 2010. My thoughts? As we move the LTE – an all IP network – is there a long term future for alternate VoIP providers?

App Wars. Native apps vs Web apps vs Widgets vs JIL vs Device App Stores vs Operator App stores. It’s a bloodbath out there – but John Puterbaugh performs some excellent analysis on the main players and issues.

In a similar vein, Apps vs Browsers – Peggy Salz is looking for your opinion.  Will the mobile web splinter between touch devices, normal phones, apps?

Finally, bored with Google and Yahoo? Why not try Gune, a new meta-search engine for mobile.

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