Does Facebook Think My Marriage Is In Trouble?

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Facebook has a funny idea of society.  From telling you to reconnect with dead friends, to offering your partner up as a "single" in your area - Facebook has a habit of getting things wrong.

My partner and I, like many married couples, live together.  We speak over breakfast, commute together and send each other emails and texts throughout the day.  But we don't do any of this on Facebook.

This worries Facebook.  It thinks our marriage may be on the rocks because we haven't - excuse me - "poked" each other for a while.  Facebook knows the key to a successful marriage is to tag each other in as many photos as we can.

At least, that's the only reason I can think for what I saw when I last logged in to Facebook.

A notification asking me to catch up with my wife


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  1. Mrs CBR Eden says:

    Facebook also suggests

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