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Ahhhh! The BBC. Shining bastion of purity in a sea of commercial malaise. Nothing can spoil its lustre.

Well, for those of us in the UK. For the poor sods who find themselves living in the wilderness of ROW (Rest Of World) this is their BBC experience…

BBC With Adverts

BBC With Adverts

The reasons for me seeing this are rather complex and involve VPNs and a co-located BES.

Regardless, what’s this advert like? The text is small and indistinct. The purpose of the message is rather vague. There’s no allure. Just a static banner. How very 1996. Well, gentle reader, as you know from previous excursions, I am prepared to click where no ordinary mortal would.


Oh – as the kids say – Em Gee. What is this?

For those of you with poor eyesight, Barclays have pointed me straight at the desktop version of their website. There is no mobile friendly site in view. Not even a link to say “On a mobile? Click here.”

To compound the error – the site is JavaScript heavy.  Too heavy for the BlackBerry I use to view the site.  You remember BlackBerry? The incredibly popular handset that every successful business-person carries.  You know, the target demographic.

What To Do

  • Make your advert interesting.
  • Make your site mobile friendly – or at least suitable for your target demographic’s handset

Is it really that hard?

One thought on “Mobile Badvertising – BarCap

  1. Step 1) WordPress
    Step 2) WPMP
    Step 3) There isn’t a step 3


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