Sometimes failure is a good thing it teaches you how to pickup and do things better. That is the trick that some companies have, some have to learn it and some don’t have it. Its the same with Apple there were various product failures before ipod (which by techies was dubbed a failure), then prior to the iphone, apple did a stint with motorola (ROKR), learnt how to add wireless to the ipod = iphone. I am sure Apple has similar structures as Vodafone but it also has quick decisive leadership and a cool brand (something you build over decades).

Vizzavi’s failure led to Vodafone Live’s (Web 1.0) growth and complacency to Web 2.0 (360). So time will tell what happens to 360 and if its failure creates something new in Vodafone or its actually what customers want (simplicity – all in one place) – too early to tell at the moment.

Maybe they should focus on the 3rd world services where their M-Pesa services is very successful and build on this, rather then competing headlong with internet players. Maybe it’s a good thing they compete headlong with Internet players and learn from this experience, better then do-nothing like a fox in headlights. The key thing is having the ability to come back after a good kicking and learning from it – that builds maturity and character in organisations.

From the customer perspective, we have more choice today with “IP” then before, but at the same time now we have more complexity to deal with as well (was that not what ipod simplified?).