Recycling The FreshCase

Earlier this month, the lovely people at FreshCase sent me some boxes of wine.

Alex Hilton wanted to know how easy it was to recycle. So, for your edification and delight, I present...

Recycling The FreshCase


These boxes of wine were sent to me for free. Enjoy alcohol responsibly. Do not attempt without adult supervision.

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3 thoughts on “Recycling The FreshCase”

  1. Thanks Terence for this video..
    Not only is there a lack of recyclable materials in the freshcase (NB. the plastic ends are NOT widely recycled in doorstep collections - please ignore the recycle triangles on plastic items, they are an industry mark rather than consumer mark [see, but they are difficult to deal with.

    I'm really disappointed by the system, especially as magnums of wine are becoming increasingly available, and the glass bottles used are 99.x% recyclable, as opposed to a few percent (as previously raised here:
    Second rant over...


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