I Am The Cheese Man!

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There are many reasons to love the BBC. In my opinion, one of the truly great things they do is offer free tickets to show recordings. Through the BBC tickets site and TVRecordings.com I've seen - for free - The Now Show, HIGNFY, The News Quiz, Mitchell and Webb as well as assorted TV and…

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BlackBerry Wireless Update

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There now follows a quick run through of how you go about wirelessly updating your BlackBerry.  The total process took just under an hour.  This was a BlackBerry 9000 updating from to What's really annoying is that there's no automatic propt to tell you there's new firmware. I wonder how many people out…

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Blocking News International

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There is much wailing and gnashing of the teeth about Murdoch's plan to charge for his content. The swine! The blaggard! Regardless of the sanity or effectiveness of this idea - I thought it would be an interesting idea to turn the tables. What would it be like if News International were unable to scour…

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Times Cheltnam Twitter Competition

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Update! Those wonderful, delightful, considerate, and fragrant smelling people at The Times have corrected their mistake. All is well with the world. This blog post is staying merely for #NaBloPoMo. @edent @nsmale Huge apologies - we misattributed one of our runners-up. The brilliant Disney story is by @edent. Completely our fault! #TCTC — Times Books…

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Woking Beer Festival

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I've been to many Real Ale festivals in the last few years. Small ones - such as Newbury - take place in the summer and allow one to sit on a deck chair, supping a beer while watching cricket. Behemoths - like the Great British Beer Festival - take place in vast, anonymous venues like…

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Connect Merger with Prospect

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A stunning majority - 88% - voted in favour of Connect merging with Prospect.  It's not known how many ballots the CWU delayed due to strikes. Adrian Askew, Connect's General Secretary, said: I am delighted that our members have strongly backed plans to merge with Prospect.  This promises an exciting future and we look forward…

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UPDATE! Sizzle now available. I first met Mike Atherton (aka Sizemore) at a Tuttle event a few years back. I'd been following him online for a while and was interested to hear what he had to say about the future of voice. He let slip that he was trying to develop a Sci Fi series…

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Recording Phone Calls

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A few months ago I was contacted by dodgy timeshare merchants Club Lacosta. Being slightly disturbed by their weasely words and reputation for dishonesty, I recorded the call. Listen to the call on iPadio. I'll admit, it's not the most cutting edge piece of investigative journalism.  To create the recording, I placed the rep on…

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DNA Database Consultation

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In May 2009, the Government published a consultation called ‘Keeping the right people on the database: Science and public protection.' On this mater which has dominated the news and the blogosphere, they received only 503 formal responses. Seriously, if the blogosphere wants to change the world, it needs to direct people to respond to those…

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ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET* *One plate only, limit of half a sausage per person, no refills, persons weighing over 75Kg will have to pay a supplement, does not include ice-cream. Doesn't really seem fair, does it?  The Internet industry loves to abuse the word "Unlimited" - the mobile industry is particularly bad. Despite complaints…

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