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It's been a rollercoaster year for Bletchley Park.  Studiously ignored by the Government for so long, the British home of cryptography and computing is finally getting the recognition it deserves.  However, it is still badly short of funds.  Looks like they need....

A Benefit Gig!

Thus was born BOFFOONERY! A comedy gig to raise money for Bletchley. Starring Robert Llewellyn, Robin Ince, Richard Herring and a host of other British comedians, the event quickly sold out.

So, Was It Any Good?

Because interest in ancient computers tends to attract the geeky demographic, it didn't surprise me that so much of the humour revolved around science, technology and general geekery.

The show opened with the marvellous Simon Singh who demonstrated an original Enigma Machine.  He also took some very welcome pot-shots at The Bible Code and other such flim-flamemry.

We saw sketches by Punt and Dennis, Laurence and Gus, and John Finnemore and Margaret Cabourn-Smith.  There was also stand-up from Robin Ince, Dave Gorman and Richard Herring. And no doubt a few more people who have dropped out of my pretty little head.

The second half featured a bizarre gameshow hosted by Robert Llewellyn.  For some reason Johnny Ball used a set of anal beads to demonstrate how to find the square root of any number.

The audience seemed to be comprised entirely of twitter users.  It made for a  very sympathetic audience who lapped up all the scientific humour.

Now What?

Go visit. I went to Bletchley earlier this year - it's a great day out. An amazing story in beautiful surroundings. I'm guessing you're reading this on a computer. You owe much of the technical advances which make that possible - not to mention your freedom - on the clandestine activities of Bletchley Park. Tickets are a tenner, so what are you waiting for?

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