BlackBerry Wireless Update

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There now follows a quick run through of how you go about wirelessly updating your BlackBerry.  The total process took just under an hour.  This was a BlackBerry 9000 updating from to

What’s really annoying is that there’s no automatic propt to tell you there’s new firmware. I wonder how many people out there are cursing their BlackBerry without realising that a simple firmware update will give it a new lease of life.

The process worked more-or-less flawlessly. Just make sure you’re fully charged and prepared to wait an hour.

2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Wireless Update

  1. Kevin says:

    When you were doing your update, did the blackberry have a black screen and the red LED light on for a long time? I’m doing wireless update now, and am quite nervous because of the apparent inactivity…

  2. It is normal for it to spend a few minute with a blank screen. Make sure that your device is plugged in to some power.

    If it hasn’t recovered after an hour, try pulling the battery.

    If that doesn’t work use JL_Cmder. It’s a utility which will factory wipe your device and allow you to update the firmware using BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    Good luck!

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