While I share some sympathies with your article (the leaflets!! Let me pay a whole £2 to be leafletless!), I personally love the Saturday Guardian exactly because of its diversity. It's the only paper I read, so it's actually £1.90 spread over the week, and has an acute interaction with its online counterpart which feels very professionally informal. To say that you can read better articles in blogposts is to say that there's no point in bakeries because anyone can bake their own bread. To my mind, they are two different entities. Like you, have a paper in front of me inadvertently encourages me to enhance my world view. This is a paper written by journalists who actually care - you can email any of the writers and often get a response back in minutes. To judge an article by its pageviews is to agree that the most popular is the best - is that really your view? Do you think MC Hammer is a fantastic artist simply because he sold millions of albums?
You are right though, the speed of the Sport section ending up in recycling is almost a sport in itself at my house too!