You've read the saturday edition which isnt an accurate reflection of the newspaper proper. The saturday edition is designed to be read lazily in bed, nursing you through the various stages of hangover.

While you may stand by many of your comments if you read the weekday edition, i'm sure you'd find it far less random, far more coherent and understandable.

I love reading The Guardian and The Economist in print form. I can read them on the loo, I can read them on the train. I am more likely to read more of them. I enjoy reading all those obscure articles in Private Eye, not because I'm interested in orchestra politic, but it gives a wider insight into the world.

The news I get online is the news that defines me - tech, design, queer politics, open rights, freedom.

The news I get in print is the news that defines the rest of the world.

James Heaver
(23 and 3/4)