Holborn Station and Sousveillance

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Sousveillance (pronounced /suːˈveɪləns/, French pronunciation: [suvɛjɑ̃s]) as well as inverse surveillance are terms coined by Steve Mann to describe the recording of an activity from the perspective of a participant in the activity,[1] typically by way of small portable or wearable recording devices that often stream continuous live video to the Internet. When this London…

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When Does Bruce Wayne Sleep?

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I’ve been thinking about James Whatley’s discussion asking When does Batman sleep? Here’s the pull-quote… Sometimes Brian, I find myself stuck in front of the laptop at like 10pm on a Sunday night. The kids are in bed, the wife isn’t far behind and there I am answering customer care questions over Twitter with some…

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Amendment 138

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Update 27/10/2009 – I’ve received several replies – scroll down to read. After reading EU Parliament’s credibility undermined by back track on citizens’ rights on the Open Rights Group blog, I was moved to write to my MEPs. FOR THE ATTENTION OF: Sharon Bowles MEP Nirj Deva MEP Nigel Farage MEP Caroline Lucas MEP Marta…

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Feminism in London – 2009

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On Sunday, I attended the Feminism in London 2009 conference. The conference was inspiring, depressing, uplifting and infuriating in equal measures. That’s probably a good thing. I’ll briefly discuss some of the sessions I attended and also what I think the organisers could do better next year. The Conference Kate Smurthwaite expertly chaired proceedings and…

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Privatise The Post Office – Co-Op Style

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Is there an alternative to privatising the Post Office?  Given that the workers control the means of production – could they also own the means of production. In short – could the workers purchase Royal Mail?  The idea isn’t as crazy as it first may seem.  We need to take the market value of the…

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Vodafone Update – Twitter Client

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Vodafone Update is a combined Twitter, Twitpic and Facebook client for smartphones. I rarely comment on Vodafone specific topics, but as I’ve already reviewed Dabr and UberTwitter – it would be a shame to leave out Vodafone Update. The usual disclaimer applies – I work for Vodafone Group, but I do not speak for them.…

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Connect Merger With Prospect

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At the Connect Biennial Conference, I proudly stated the case for Connect‘s merger with the Prospect Union. Our other choice was the CWU. Unions – in the UK at least – are democratic structures. What gets proposed at conference has to be approved by a majority vote of members – not just those who could…

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Free Our Postcodes

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VoteUK is no more.  In order to precisely show you where your electoral registration office was, I needed to take its postcode and covert it to latitude and longitude.  That’s the service Ernest Marples provided. A few days ago, the Post Office – in their infinite wisdom – set their legal dogs on those running…

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Humm Energy Monitor Set Up – Part 4 – Data Upload

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So, I’ve hit my first snag with the Humm Duet Energy monitor.  As I mentioned in my first post, the device doesn’t have any Internet connectivity.  Instead it records everything onto an SD card. In order to visualise the data, I have to manually upload the files to the Green Energy Options MyEnergy site.  Rather…

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Mobile News Sites – The Times

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I read most of my news through my mobile – if your website isn’t mobile friendly, I won’t be bothered to read it.  I’ve greatly enjoyed the BBC’s Mobile News service and Guardian Mobile – but now there’s a new player – The Times has a mobile site.   This is a quick review of what…

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