So effectively adding a 'Tweet This' button to stories in the papers print edition?

It's a great idea...but surely any readers who would use a QR code are on Twitter already and if they read the guardian they are probably following them on Twitter too.

QR technology is no longer the barrier (I remember several years ago having to spend ages lining up my camera with the code - now it takes seconds). It's more a question of why offline readers would want to tweet what they are reading.

It would be great to have QR codes next to stories linking to relevant online content. For example interviews, photos, quotes (via audioboo?) For example, if i'm reading about the Chelsea match last night I can use the QR code to watch the goals or view The Guardian's 'as it happens' online reporting. If i'm looking at the weather I can link to up to date weather reports. Or you could link a QR code to a Twitter search of relevant tweets/conversations...

It seems this would only work if the QR code adds value to the readers experience?