Connect Merger With Prospect

At the Connect Conference in Blackpool we voted to merge our union with Prospect.

The other potential merger was with CWU.

There's a plethora of articles about the CWU ruining businesses.  Is this really the union people want representing them?

Let's face facts, the postal service is dying.  I literally can't remember I posted a letter.  Email does for me.  To tie our fortunes to a sector which is rapidly vanishing is madness.

Some talk of the synergies between CWU and BT.  Well, that may have been true - once.  If it's still true, it's an irrellavance.  Connect is more than BT. Much much more. Members now come from T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Yell, Seimens etc.  We have nothing in common with the CWU.

There may be some managerial members of the CWU - but over 70% of members are posties.

Imagine your boss asks you about your union - do you want her thinking you're a striking postal worker or a professional worker?

When the Connect ballot paper comes, I'll be voting for a merger with Prospect.

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