Connect Merger With Prospect

At the Connect Biennial Conference, I proudly stated the case for Connect's merger with the Prospect Union. Our other choice was the CWU.

Unions - in the UK at least - are democratic structures. What gets proposed at conference has to be approved by a majority vote of members - not just those who could take a few days off to go to Blackpool.

Casting My Ballot

Casting My Ballot

The irony is that the strikers at the CWU will be delaying our votes from reaching their destination. I'm sure the bad press and ill-sentiment that the CWU are generating has influenced more than a few votes to fall from their hands into Prospect's.

I cannot conceive of a union, workforce, or employer allowing industrial relations to deteriorate to such a point as the CWU and Royal Mail now have. That is one of the many reasons why I hope Connect members will vote for a merger with Prospect.

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