Unboxing Videos - Humm Duet Energy Monitor

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Green Energy Options have sent me the Duet home energy monitor.

The Duet offers a secondary display that is attached to the Solo display and provides the monitoring of up to 6 appliances and central heating. It also provides the ability to compare the energy usage of the appliances and heating over time.

In addition to the Solo, the Duet displays:

  • Current energy usage (load)
  • Overall consumption today
  • Environmental impact: CO2 emissions and cost of energy used today
  • Heating & hot water usage
  • Energy consumption of up to 6 distinct appliances (in terms of energy, cost and CO2 emissions)
  • Remote on/off control of the 6 distinct appliances with safety and security lock options

As with the Solo device, the Duet is a user installable product and does not require professional installation.

Here are the unboxing videos

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