Humm Energy Monitor Set Up – Part 3 – Data

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My Humm Energy monitor is now fully set up.  It's been churning away gently admonishing me for going over my kWh allowance for the day.

As I mentioned in the unboxing - there's an integrated 2GB SD card for the Duet to record the energy usage.  As the trial progresses, I should be able to upload the data to the website for them to analyse.  They faithfully promise to send me a spreadsheet of the data if I want it.

Well, what kind of geek would I be if I didn't have a tinker with it my self 🙂

I was expecting the files for each day to be rather large - they're only about 50KiB per day. So a 2GB card is good for about 40,000 days - or a little over a century. Guess I won't have to worry about making room on the card.

Each file is named with a datestamp, so my first was GEO90914.DAT.

I was sort of expecting it to be compressed, encrypted, munged and otherwise impenetrable.

It was CSV.

14/Sep/2009 20:00,GMU1   ,00000.000,1,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,GMU2   ,00000.000,1,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,GMU3   ,00000.000,1,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,BSU    ,00000000,00000000,00000000,00000000,00000000,0
14/Sep/2009 20:00,SAU1   ,00000.000,0,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,SAU2   ,00000.000,0,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,SAU3   ,00000.000,0,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,SAU4   ,00000.000,0,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,SAU5   ,00000.000,0,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:00,SAU6   ,00000.000,0,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:30,GMU1   ,00000.000,1,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:30,GMU2   ,00000.000,1,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:30,GMU3   ,00000.000,1,09.68
14/Sep/2009 20:30,BSU    ,00000000,00000000,00000000,00000000,00000000,0
14/Sep/2009 20:30,SAU1   ,00000.000,2,09.68

Oh happy day! I'm guessing that GMU1,2,3 refer to the "plug bugs" - the electricity sensors - not sure yet what the others are, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

Having all the data in CSV makes it really easy to whack into a spreadsheet or on to a webserver to do some nice data visualisations. Good job, Humm!

However, it's a bit of a pain walking from one room to another with an SD card. It also means that my visualisations will be out of date until I manually update them. If only there were a way to automate the process...

So, I'm now looking at something like Eye-Fi. The Eye-Fi is an SD card with built in WiFi. It's supposed to be used for instantly uploading pictures from a digital camera - but I see no reason why it shouldn't be made to upload the .DAT files the duet creates.

We'll have to see...

3 thoughts on “Humm Energy Monitor Set Up – Part 3 – Data

  1. Andrew Blair says:

    Fascinating stuff. Please update this as you find out more. British Gas now offer the Humm monitor for free to domestic customers. according to a Technophile article in the Guardian 3rd December 2009. I have a business account so can't get the free offer. Am considering buying one.

    1. Thanks Andrew. You can see the whole series of articles at

  2. AMcC says:

    Andrew - Beware, the 'mini' humm (as offered free by British Gas) doesn't have the SD card (or any other way of extracting the data). If you want to store and graph the data yourself, the CurrentCost monitor is the way to go.

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