Thank you very much for your feedback!:) All of your points are very valid, and I do agree with most of them.
Sunday – yes, we can do the next one on a Saturday, for instance!
Gaps between the sessions – very good idea, we will incorporate it!
Lack of presenters – it is the barcamp way of doing things, however we might look into few moderators next time or appoint one, that is doable!:)
Kids – my bad! my son was supposed to be taken care of outside of the event, but since there was one more child, we decided to leave them in the club. However I do agree, this could have been managed better – and will be, promise!:) Some feedback was positive, so or we consider a creche, or we skip it – depends on more feedback.
Vegetarian food – we will look into bringing more!

Thank you, I am glad we can see how to improve!:) And thank you for all your input!