You Know You're A "Citizen Journalist" if…

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  • Every single one of your tweets starts “RT”.
  • You’ve no idea who controls that honeypot proxy, hell, you don’t even know what a proxy is.
  • Your “source” has an “Islamic” sounding name and uses a hashtag. That’s practically evidence.
  • The plural of rumour is news.
  • Unreliable stories should be tagged “UNCONFIRMED” rather than investigated.
  • You’re totally sticking it to the man. Even if you can’t pronounce the man’s name.
  • You can convey the subtleties of a delicate political situation in 140 characters.
  • You’re still not sure where Iran is, what the policies of the candidates are, the history of the Shah etc. despite being totally on top of the story.
  • The comments you leave on YouTube videos of police brutality are just as important as the videos themselves.
  • Your DDoS “attack” consists of encouraging 157 followers to click on a link.
  • Flickr is such an important resource that you’ll get round to paying for Pro membership “any day now”.
  • It’s important to encourage people to donate to Amnesty International even though you’re a bit broke this month so can’t yourself.
  • You change your avatar more often than your deeply held convictions about geo-politics.
  • Every tweet you makes brings the death of Mainstream Media that little bit closer.
  • When you leave your computer, you can walk outside in peace and safety.
  • Retweeting this list is an *awesome* way to show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Even though you do.

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One thought on “You Know You're A "Citizen Journalist" if…

  1. IanVisits says:

    You are already thinking of what you will tell your grandchildren when they ask how you used Twitter to personally overthrow a government.

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