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[Full and utter disclosure, I get a free SpinVox service through work. I've also given James Whatley a man hug.]

I love my SpinVox service. For the uninitiated, I turns your voicemails into transcribed text messages.  I no longer have to interrupt my day to dial in and listen, I get send a text and email like this.

"Hey honey, it's me. Sorry to say that I'm just leaving the office now. So give me a call when you get this and I'll text you and let you know what train I'm on later. Love you. Bye."

- spoken through SpinVox

That's when it works. Other times I get messages like this.

"Hi Terry, it's Mum. I'm on the beach in Boomas(?) and I've been to a puzzle and it's lovely. Sand is gorgeous. My phone well obviously is turning off actually cos I'm gonna go for since(?) 11:30 and anyway like I told you let's have it sometime. You can always try reaching me. Ok. Hope you're having a lovely day too. I'll speak to you soon. Bye."

- spoken through SpinVox

It's usually enough to get the gist of what's happening, and I can always dial in and listen to the specific message.  Much like the eponymous Dancing Bear, I'd be impressed with half the accuracy.

Being a tinkerer, there are some things I'd like to change about Spinvox.  I'm aware that some of these are out of their hands and are the MNO's responsibility.

  • MP3 delivery. It's great to receive an email with the transcript, but I'd really like to get an audio file as well.  Useful for record keeping, error checking and blackmail.
  • .mobi site. I'd like to be able to go to spinvox.mobi and see a list of all the voicemails I've received - including transcripts and audio downloads.
  • Personal API. I'd like access to an API for personal use.  To enable me to generate wordles or similar.  To grab all the voicemails from a particular person or containing a certain phrase.
  • Personalised Greetings. I'd like to set different greetings for different sets of numbers. I keep the same number for work, friends and family. My friends don't want to hear my work Out-Of-Office message and my work colleuges don't want to hear my James Bond impression.
  • Along with greetings, I'd like to be able to quickly flick between my regular voicemail message and my out of office message. It's great fun recording a new one every time I go away for a few days.
  • AudioBoo integration.  Perhaps this is something that their Developer API could do?
  • Direct Dial Voicemail. On Vodafone UK, I can dial 121 before any number and go straight through to voicemail - handy if I want to avoid someone! I'd like a number I can give out which would just go direct to my voicemail.

Overall, the service is great. But with challengers like Google voice now on the scene, SpinVox needs to create some innovate services.

5 thoughts on “What I Want From SpinVox

  1. mike says:

    have you looked at hullomail? got most of what you want, without the transcription, though they have plans for integrating with it.

    must disclose that I worked at Hullomail when it was known as VoxSurf and did quite a bit work with Lisa Knight etc at VF UK

    1. I've not - but the service looks really good. Thanks

    1. Looks good, but it doesn't work in the UK. I'm currently trialling http://www.ribbit.com/

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