Sharing *is* Caring

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I can often be found wearing a T-Shirt with this logo on it:

Share this logo with your friends

Share this logo with your friends

But what does “Sharing Is Caring” mean?  When I was growing up, my parents alway told me it was nice to share. If I had a toy – I should let my brother play with it too.  If I had an ice-cream, it was nice to offer a lick to my friends. It’s fun to share – and the more people you share with, the more fun you have.

Last night, I went to Global Cool Swish organised by Vikki Chowney. This was a twist on the idea that “Home Sewing Is Killing Fashion”.

Cross-stitching is not a crime!The idea is simple. You bring along some clothes that you never wear – you get a token for every item you bring. You get an hour to browse through everyone’s contributions, then it’s a mad dash to get clothes that you want.  At the end, everyone leaves with some new togs and – who knows – maybe some new friends.  The only downside, in this case, was the lack of men. Were I a transvestite, I’d have been awash in goodies. Perhaps I need to organise a similar sort of event just for men. Called something manly like “Fight Clothes”….

The event was great fun – and it got me thinking…

Most people have a lot of stuff. It’s understandable that they want to keep some – or most – of it. But do we need “more”. Can we maintain an equilibrium? One in, one out?

Your economy needs you!

Your economy needs you!

I’m reminded of a “Book Swap” event I went to at The Horse Hospital. The entry fee was one book – minimum.  Any book you brought along was swapped for a token and then placed on a shelf. You were then free to browse any of the books that other people had used as their entry fee.  Once you’d found something you liked, you purchased it with your token.  (You also had the oppurtunity to purchase books with money. £1 each. All proceeds to charity.)
I liked both events. I liked the thrill of not knowing what was on offer until I got there. I liked giving away something that was useless to me.  I liked discovering hidden gems that someone loved enough to give away. I liked not buying. In short – I liked sharing.
I want to share the fun that I’ve had. I think it may be time for me to organise a DVD swap. A book swap. A crappy-electrical-gadget-I’ve-been-haning-on-to-for-no-good-reason swap.  What do you think – what do you want to swap today?
Sharing is caring.

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