Reasons your list fails.
– You only tried it on one phone, on my phone the store looks way better. I know that it should work perfectly on all nokia phones, but there are alot of supported phones and the service has only just come out.
– Their recommended page would be dynamiclly updated from what other users are downloading and as I stated in my first point they have only just launched the service so the list does not have much data to be generated from, I expect this list will get better over time.
– You talk about the descriptions not being good enough? Nokia did not write that description, the person that uploaded the file for you to download did. And I don’t see how much more descriptive you can get than ‘Star Trek Nokia futuristic ring tone’ – I think this might be a Star Trek ringtone?
– id3 tags as with the description are not up to Nokia to manually add. Paramount should have done it. But when it comes down to it. It was free.
– And my finall point, next time you write a list, either use numbers in a consecutive order so I know where I am up to, or write it in paragraph form with heading tags or at least bold headings so I can skim to the parts I want to read.

Sorry my comment was so negative but if you are going to write a post on a new service. Dont try to point out as many bad things as you can see, point out the real issues and filter out the parts that have nothing to do with the actuall service. Maybe even test it on another phone or search around for some screenshots to see if everyone has the same problem you do.