From reading these ‘mistakes’, there seems to be some which can be easily put aside as ‘not Nokias fault’…

Yes they have a responsibility, especially in the early days of a content download site such as this, to make sure that a certain level of babysitting is undertaken for the early content providers. However that being said, it is still content being listed by a 3rd party.

As for the user review being in another language, it is an international site – would be difficult to forbid the french from reviewing downloads without it sounding a bit anti-french 🙂

I agree it is messy, but 25 faults is a bit harsh when a good 8-9 of them are most likely down to the 3rd party.

BTW I am also quite pleased that they don’t have downloadable content with 5-star ratings yet – this shows that the content is being rated by the users themselves, and is not being unfairly rigged by Nokia / Ovi / the 3rd party in question.

I would also not hesitate to make comment on a pot calling kettle situation here – Vodafone Live! is for all intents and purposes unusable. Example: high end Nokias like the N95 8GB come with ‘Mobile Internet’ as their default connection method. Unfortunately you cannot access Vodafone Live! through this method, which means that by default all customers with mobile internet as their default connection method cannot use their operator portal…nice.