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This is my reply to an excellent BitchBuzz article on high profile brands on twitter. I reproduced it here because their comments form ate my HTML...

Thanks for the plug. Just to make it clear, my twitter presence is my own and not an official Vodafone channel. That said, I'm always happy to answer questions about mobile, portals & widgets - Vodafone or not.

I do run an official twitter presence @HomepageBeta which is for Vodafone's new portal.

I think it's hard for (European) companies to move quickly to these new media. The question I'm often asked is "Will twitter become as irrelevant to the mainstream as, say, Second Life?" There are so many new services springing up, it's hard to know where to focus attention.

European companies also have the language barrier that the US doesn't. If I do a twitter search for Vodafone I get lots of Italian, Spanish, Greek & English - that makes it hard for anyone to determine what people are saying about you.

Some excellent points in your article. I hope we see more businesses getting involved in these conversations.

[This is, also, a personal comment. It may contain nuts.]

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